‘Without a Plugin’ and all that Crap

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Curtis McHale

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Curtis is a web designer/developer specialized in WordPress eCommerce development on WooCommerce. You can get in touch with him about projects on SFNdesign.
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3 responses to ‘Without a Plugin’ and all that Crap

  1. But if those site owners aren’t required to know the difference, it really is to their benefit to let their developer develop their site with as few plugins as possible. If they have a good developer they shouldn’t need a bunch of a plugins anyway. I totally disagree. :)

    • I think you misunderstand what a plugin is meant for. The number of plugins has no bearing on how good/bad a site is. Plugins should be used for functionality that is meant to live past a current theme (think data like custom post types) and a theme is used for functionality that is specific to the current theme (menus, sidebars).

      I good developer knows when to put functionality in a theme or a plugin. You do your clients a long term disservice by just putting everything in the theme. If you do that then you’re not separating functionality to where it’s meant to reside inside the WordPress CMS ecosystem. That’s simply a recipe for disaster later.

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