Becoming a WordPress Development Professional

Been doing WordPress development for a while, but not 100% sure about best practice? Can you write applications in Ruby on Rails (or Python, Perl…) but need a blog and aren’t quite sure the right way to build it?

Well this book is for you!

Becoming a Professional WordPress Developer walks you through 10 chapters of WordPress best practices and advice. This advice is proven through running a successful WordPress development business for 5 years. We will walk through the “WordPress Way” to do things like include JavaScript and getting data out of your database.

What You’ll Find

  • WordPress Development best practices
  • WordPress JavaScript and Ajax best practices
  • Learn how to use the WordPress template hierarchy to make your development faster
  • Best practices to get content out of the WordPress database
  • A recommended development setup to help you catch any errors in your code
  • Getting out in the WordPress Community so that you get to know other solid WordPress developers
  • You also get access to a forum to discuss the book topics



  • Personal: You want to buy it and read it yourself
  • Agency: You have some employees you’d like to give it to

All purchases include PDF, ePub and Mobi files.

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Becoming a WordPress Development Professional Chapters

On Code Organization

On Querying Posts

  • learn how to get post, pages and custom post types out of the database efficiently
  • learn how to change content through filters and when it’s the best to do it

On Template Files

  • learn how to use the WordPress template hierarchy to speed up your development


  • learn the required CSS for WordPress and the advantages of a CSS pre-processor

On Mobile Themes

On JavaScript

  • learn how to add JavaScript to WordPress and how to make a basic Ajax call

On Double Checking Code

On Actions and Filters

  • learn how to leverage actions and filters to change how WordPress works

On Documentation

  • learn how and why you should be documenting your projects. This is more than just a PHP document block.

On Community Involvement

  • learn how to follow where WordPress is going by getting involved in the community

With all of this information you’ll be building your WordPress themes and plugins faster and your code will me more future proof. Before I knew it I was charging $50/hour or less, with all of the knowledge above you’ll be primed for projects and have the knowledge to charge $100/hour or more.

All purchases include PDF, ePub and Mobi files.

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